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Colloquium: Making Models Work: How an Optimised ML Lifecycle Can Drive Better ROI

November 10, 2022. Thursday. 3PM

Room: TG23 (Town Hall Building)

Speaker: Ghislain Landry Tsafack

Title: Making Models Work: How an Optimised ML Lifecycle Can Drive Better ROI

Abstract: The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to take centre stage in discussions around innovation. Realizing such potential is unfortunately not as straightforward as it may seem. Many businesses start their journey into ML and AI with a lot of energy and focus on the coding and related algorithms themselves. The reality is that the actual data science work and machine learning models themselves are only one part of the enterprise machine learning puzzle. In this talk, we will explore how to effectively tackle the whole puzzle – From data preparation, to delivering models effectively into the business to drive greater ROI from AI investments while maintaining an organisation’s way of doing business. Break down silos and create a seamless, integrated, and trustworthy machine learning lifecycle for an enterprise.

Bio: Ghislain Tsafack is the Global Head of Data Science for Elemental Concept 2016 LTD, where he leads the organisation’s AI strategy. This involves overseeing the company’s AI related work, leveraging the latest advances in AI to help clients create value from their data, and auditing/assessing AI systems developed by third parties on behalf of venture capital firms. Prior to this, Ghislain held data-related positions across several industries and worked as an academic for the French National Institute for Research and Automation and the University of Lyon 1, France. He recently published a book entitled “Towards Sustainable Artificial Intelligence”