DESF Services

There is a wide range of activities already in place, providing employability support to CSD students. In addition, over the past few months, the team has engaged in discussions with placements supervisors and investigated a number of possible opportunities in an effort to increase the career prospects for students and graduates.

The following employability support services are in place:

  • Opportunities – currently job opportunities are provided by Exemplas, an agency specialising on graduate jobs and placements (outsourced job agency services). The range of opportunities may cover paid, or unpaid jobs ranging from placements and internships to volunteer experience and MDX projects.
  • Science & Technology Employability Forum (STEF) – a half-day forum with (i) a range of talks from employers, (ii) Q&A sessions, (iii) visiting successful graduates and placement students, (iv) networking lunch with academic and industry players.
  • Science & Technology Employability Networking (STEN) – speed networking events hosted at leading firms dedicated for (i) young professionals/rising stars from alumni, (ii) placement students, (iii) selected students in their final year.
  • Science & Technology Employability Presentations Series (STEPS) – a series of (i) invited talks from industry with emphasis on placements and graduate jobs, (ii) seminars with Alumni and placement students on their work experiences, (iii) webinars focusing on sharing global work practices and experiences.
  • Employability projects – specific projects following from departmental leads focusing on establishing continuous, long term relationship with key employability stakeholders and organisations.
  • Volunteering – specific projects following from departmental leads usually geared towards specific stakeholders or local communities.
  • Student competitions – opportunities for student participation in competitions.
  • Mentoring – placement students and successful graduates sharing their experience with students.