Women students attend BCS Lovelace Colloquium and win prize!

The Women in Computing group at Middlesex was founded in 2014. The purpose of this group is to bring together Middlesex-affiliated women who are studying or interested in Computing and to share common interests, concerns and ambitions. We have 58 members. We post events or interest and communicate via the following facebook group (closed group). Please feel free to join if you are interested.

One of our aims is to help undergraduate students participate in the BCS Lovelace Colloquium, which is an annual one day conference for women students of Computing. The colloquium provides a forum for undergraduate and masters students to discuss their own work in the form of a poster contest, with cash prizes provided by industry sponsors. Also, it provides a series of inspiring talks from women in computing in industry and academia and a chance for networking and obtaining career advice.

This year, the 12th annual BCS Lovelace Colloquium was held on the 17th April at the University of Salford, Manchester. We had 6 undergraduate students participating from Computer Science, one from the first year, three from the second and two from the third. The topics of the posters were varied, e.g. one showed how to build MIRTO robots using augmented reality, another discussed technologies that help disabled learners, while another explored how big data can save our planet. This year Kristen Rebello, a third year student, won the People’s Choice Award (where all attendees vote for their favourite posters) for her poster titled “Blank is the new exciting”. The poster is about Augmented Reality as an effective medium in poster presentations, business proposals and in-class lectures, to enhance the attention and experience of the audience on augmented reality.