First Year Employability Lectures 2018-2019

This year the Employability Lectures Series runs every Monday morning from 11:00 to 12:00 in room CG76.


Date and timeSpeakerDetails
14/10/2018Prof. Juan Augusto (Middlesex University)
Research as a career

We will look at research as a profession, and the profiles and requirements typically associated with a researcher. This will also include an overview of possibilities opened here at Middlesex University.
21/10/2018Stevan Zivanovic (BTTB Ltd)What it takes to be a Software Tester.

Stevan will describe how he became involved in software testing and why he has found it such an exciting area for over 25 years. We will also explore what software testing is and why it is such a large part of the IT industry.
28/10/2018 Prof. Balbir Barn (Middlesex
Computer Science at Middlesex: Reasons to be cheerful.

In this talk, I will discuss computer science as an important subject and a
career, identifying some important industrial trends and how you can maximise your
educational experience at Middlesex. I will try and counter some of the issues around
employability and what you can do. Finally, I will outline some of the research being
conducted by your tutors, how it fits in with the taught programmes and how you can also
participate in the co-design of your own learning.
04/11/2018Prof. Franco Raimondi (Amazon Scholar and Middlesex University)Avoiding errors in complex and critical systems.

An increasing large number of tasks are delegated to computer systems in which software and hardware interact: think of autopilots in modern planes, autonomous cars, medical devices, etc. However, these systems are typically built by humans and are therefore subject to human errors, not only in terms of "software bugs", but also in terms of design mistakes. In this talk I will present some approaches that help in the construction of more robust systems, ranging from testing to model checking, presenting some of my work in the area.
11/11/2018Artur Graczyk and Aneta Zabek (Middlesex)Artur:
The way which lead me to the internship and job offer at Samsung before I finish university.

During my presentation I will talk about what I did to maximize my chances to get a good internship and I will explain why each small advantage is so important in this process.

Internship experience in Siemens

The talk will be about my internship experience in Siemens during summer 2019 where I have been recruited as software engineer intern. I will describe and give some useful information about the entire recruiting process and the project about which I worked.
18/11/2018Nicholas Fitton
Employability, skills and networking

Nick will be talking on a number of topics such as employability, skills outside of the university and networking.
25/11/2018Andrea Ciancone (Facebook)Software engineering at Facebook.

In my talk I will present Facebook focus on innovation: what are the technologies developed and the related software engineering topics involved in it. Furthermore, I will describe the skills that are required to be software engineers at Facebook and the variety of job opportunities.
02/12/2018Prof. Richard Bornat (Middlesex University)Learn to program (for Really Good Jobs).

I've lived through five decades of computing innovation, from the time when programs were written in assembly code and every manufacturer had their own programming language(s), then through the development of machine-independent programming languages, through various times when programming was said to be out of date, through the time when it became a branch of engineering, into the time when the best jobs go to those that can program and think about how programming can be made more efficient. All that time there has been lots of work for programmers. If you can learn to program, you'll do all right. If you find it hard to begin with, don't worry: so does almost everyone else. There are hundreds or thousands of ways to go forward.
09/12/2018Rosie Hyde (Pirum Systems Ltd)Life After University

Life after university can be an exhausting maze. You have to cope with finding a job within a tough job market, learning how to work in a new environment and coping with everything your new life throws at you. In this presentation I will talk about how I’m making my way through it all, give tips on making the whole process easier and reflect on the past year an a half since I started my graduate role.
06/01/2019No Lecture
13/01/2019Prof. Chris Hyuck (Middlesex University)AI and Computer Science at Middlesex and Beyond

After discussion of Chris' background, the talk will move on to his research, and later onto a discussion about programming, jobs, and jobs in AI. The research discussion will focus on Chris' two main areas of research, neural processing and natural language processing. Neural processing will discuss neurons, cell assemblies, cell assembly robots, neuro-cognitive models and the Human Brain Project. The natural language processing section will discuss information retrieval, conversational agents, and text extraction. Chris will also discuss other AI project he's worked on, and other AI research in the University. The talk will conclude with a discussion about programming, jobs, and jobs in AI.
20/01/2019Cristina Tincu (Nomura)Being an intern at Nomura

Firstly, in this presentation I will talk about the application process I went through: cv, application questions and interviews. Then the focus will be on how it is to work in a corporate environment, what are the advantages and disadvantages of being part of an industrial placement programme at Nomura and how a usual week looks like. Finally I will present a few conclusions I made so far from this experience.
27/01/2019Mike Harris (Geckoboard)A career as a software tester.

Software testing provides a varied and interesting career. Mike has worked for 20 years in testing and will tell us what the job is about, what skills are required to work in this area and why testing makes a good career.
03/02/2019Giovanni Quattrone (Middlesex University)Urban Computing: understanding our cities through Big Data

The increasing participation in social media platforms, crowd-sourcing systems and online e-service websites has resulted in an explosion of user generated content. Researches have been using this information in order to model, simulate, and analyse human behaviour, urban phenomena and social theories. In this talk, Giovanni Quattrone will show his research, proposed algorithms and methods he has developed in this fascinating interdisciplinary area that falls at the intersection of data mining, web science, and social computing. By acquiring, combining, and analysing large amounts of "digital traces" we generate daily in our online lives, this research aims to gather a rich knowledge of our cities and human dynamics in space and time.tems, ranging from testing to model checking, presenting some of my work in the area.
10/02/2019Rabia Arif (MDX works)About MDXWorks - Middlesex University Careers and Service Support

The MDXWorks Careers & Employability Service can discuss and explore employment options for current students and recent graduates of Middlesex University. Our Faculty Employability Advisers can review your CVs, cover letters, support with applications, mock interviews or similar. We can support with finding and securing work experience placements, internships and graduate jobs.
17/02/2019Ashley Wheat (We Are Margot)How to get an awesome career in UX research, and what you can get out of it

I graduated from Middlesex University in 2012, and in the last 8 years have built a career in UX that has seen me work for well known organisations and on projects that have real impact on people’s lives. In this talk I want to share some of the things I have been lucky enough to work on, and what a career as a user researcher is all about. I will also share some advice on how you can get a career in UX, and importantly, what you can get out of it.
24/02/2019Enrico Scalavino (Google)Designing and Building Products At Google.

The aim of this talk is to give an idea of what Google's approach to product design and engineering looks like, who the people involved are, what their roles are and how they interact with each other.
02/03/2019Rabia Arif (MDX works)CV surgery drop-in.

Bring along a draft of your CV on Monday and get feedback on how to improve it, what is missing and what you could do to fill in the gaps. Also, this is a good chance to ask Rabia about any of the services provided by MDX works.
09/03/2019Panel: Artur Graczyk, Aneta Zabek, Michael Heeney, Kelly AndroutsopoulosThe format for this week's employability is a little different. We have arranged a panel of speakers to address questions and have a discussion about the topics that have been discussed so far, e.g. placements, interviews, cv, etc, or any questions that you have.