We are delighted to announce that Professor Juan Augusto, Head of the Research Group on Development of Intelligent Environments and the Smart Spaces Lab at Middlesex University’s Department of Computer Science, recently delivered a keynote address at the BIOSTEC 2024 conference in Rome, Italy. The keynote, titled “The Role of Sensing for Health and Well-being,” explored the profound impact of technology on societal services, with a special emphasis on the transformative power of sensing in the realm of health and well-being. Professor Augusto, a distinguished figure in the field of Computer Science, shared insights into the latest wave of innovation, discussing the strengths and limitations of sensing technologies. The talk encompassed case studies, providing a comprehensive view of how sensing is shaping intelligent systems and the associated societal and ethical dilemmas. This recognition underscores Professor Augusto’s significant contributions to the field, further solidifying Middlesex University’s position at the forefront of cutting-edge research in Intelligent Environments.

Date: 26/02/2024