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Colloquium: Goal-Directed Analysis for TypeScript

17 January 2022. Monday. 3PM. London Time. Online over Zoom.

Title Goal-Directed Analysis for TypeScript

Speaker Daniel Schoepe, Applied Scientist, Amazon Prime Video

Abstract TypeScript is a typed version of JavaScript widely used across Amazon, but poses challenges for static analysis: The language supports many intricate features used in practice, such as callbacks and higher-order functions, dynamic field access, and asynchronous code. At the same time, the size of industrial code bases such as the Prime Video application makes a highly precise whole-program analysis intractable. In this talk, we present how we approach this trade-off in Prime Video with a lightweight whole-program analysis followed by a more precise goal-directed analysis of potential bug locations. Our goal-directed analysis uses an imprecise call-graph generated upfront to guide a more expensive goal-directed analysis that attempts to prove that potential bugs cannot happen via abstract interpretation backed by an SMT solver.

Bio Dr Daniel Schoepe is an Applied Scientist in the Prime Video Automated Reasoning Group at Amazon, working on verifying TypeScript powering the Prime Video application. Daniel received his PhD from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, working on language-based security with Andrei Sabelfeld. He also worked on a protocol verifier based on symbolic execution during an internship in the AWS Automated Reasoning Group. Aside from program verification, he is also interested in interactive theorem proving and functional programming.

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