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EPSRC SPRITE+ grant on AI and human dignity

Dr Kai Xu is a co-investigator on the ‘God, the Oracle, and the Nightclub Bouncer: Can human dignity be modelled in an AI-based decision support system for post-Covid health certification’ that is supported by the EPSRC SPRITE+ network plus for a total amount of  £50,000 that runs from Nov 2020 to Mar 2021.

This project investigates the possibility of modelling the impact of AI or Machine Learning system on human dignity. This is within the research field of human-centred machine learning, and it is less studied than related topics such as trust, expandability, bias, and transparency. To make machine learning model human dignity aware, it is important to measure it quantitatively. This is a inter-disciplinary project with researchers from law, computer science, population health, and business. More details are on the project page.